The Job Crafting™ Exercise is available as an online tool or hard-copy booklet.

The Job Crafting™ Exercise helps you make your job more engaging and fulfilling. This interactive tool allows you to view your job as a flexible set of building blocks. Using this unique perspective, you create a visual plan for redesigning your job to better suit your values, strengths, and passions. The result is a more optimal fit between you and your job, boosting your happiness and effectiveness at work.




Here are the ways people use the Job Crafting™ Exercise (JCE):

  • Self-Development: People do the JCE on their own--you can just purchase for yourself and start crafting.

  • Group Workshops: Organizations invite employees to do the JCE in workshops. You can run your own workshop (see Two-Hour Workshop Outline). Or if you'd prefer an expert Job Crafting™ trainer, we can facilitate a workshop at your organization (to inquire, please email

  • Classroom Teaching: Instructors use the JCE to teach students about job crafting theory and how employees can and do redesign their own jobs, providing a complementary perspective to traditional, top-down views of job design. There is a student discount for use in degree programs. Request a PDF of the teaching note for instructors here (you will also receive a video of an info session on how to teach the JCE virtually).

  • One-on-One Coaching: Coaches guide clients through the JCE.



      • “The Job Crafting™ Exercise has enabled team members to more clearly define how their values, strengths, and passions connect to what they do on a day-to-day basis. This insight has really helped people identify who they are and tap into what is most important to them at work, which has made a tremendous difference for us.” -Brian Welle (People Analytics Director, Google)

      • “The Job Crafting™ Exercise has become a key component of our leadership training program. It gives leaders a powerful, creative, and clear method for reshaping their roles in ways that are not only inspiring and productive for them, but also for their teams. This innovative tool never fails to earn high ratings in our program evaluations.” -Ginny Vanderslice, Ph.D. (President & Founding Partner, Praxis Consulting)

      • “Reveals a truckload of information and insight.” -Project Manager

      • “Ingenious...helped me see how to improve my job in ways I would have never thought of otherwise.” -Software Engineer

      • “Opened my eyes that the things I dislike about my current job are things that I can change—through job crafting—to where I’ll enjoy my job again.” -Administrative Assistant

      • “Matters to what I'll do tomorrow, not ten years and two jobs later.” -Marketing Analyst

      • “Enjoyable, informational, and inspiring.” -Retirement Consultant